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Peabody Concealment - Request a Quote
Peabody Concealment - Request a Quote
Peabody Concealment - Request a Quote
Ordering Peabody RFTC is easy!
1.) Call us early in the process and let’s talk about your requirement. We can join you on a site walk, suggest ideas on designs and how to keep costs down, and even sketch out some ideas if you need it. We'll work with A & E groups to help design a concealment system that looks great, meets the RF performance requirements and keeps costs as low as possible.

2.) When you have the project ready to go send the drawings to us for a quote. We turn around most quotes in 24 hours. If you’re in a hurry call us and we’ll help you right over the phone.

3.) When you are awarded the project send us a PO right away even if you don’t have a NTP or permit yet. We can wait to begin manufacturing until you have the NTP but we can join you on the pre-con site walk and start gathering details like photos and samples we'll need in order to match the texture and color.

We can set up your credit and have all the account information entered into our system so we're ready to get things going when you are.

With a PO in hand we can get engineering done early as well as the shop drawings and other important details signed-off by you. This way when you give us the final NTP we can have a much shorter lead time - at least two or three weeks in most cases! It's that easy.

Call or email us today with your project and let us be a vital part of your next cell site project. Email: Go here to send us an email or call Phone: (951) 734 - 7711

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