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Brick RFTC Enclosures
"I would like to thank the entire Peabody Engineering Team for the work on this beautiful stealth [concealment] replacement project! I am pleased with the way this product turned out. When I visited the site to look at it after the installation was complete, I had to actually knock on it to make sure it wasn’t brick."

Thanks again for everything,
Jeremy Webster
Arizona Construction Manager

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Special Projects - Tank Flanges
"Enclosed please find pictures of the fine work your company did and how it has enhanced my product for the movie studios. We shot our first TV special on Friday, June 6 (HBO - True Blood). Pete Romano, who is one of the most influential underwater directors with credits such as Titanic, Alien Resurection, Men of Honor and many other movies, was the underwater director for this shoot. He was absolutely blown away by the tank. He had worked in this tank 7 years ago with Men of Honor, and our conversations at that time lead to the modifications that I did now on the tank. With the added addition of the edge that you and Maria perfectly engineered. As you can see from the pictures, like they say in Brooklyn, "Hey man, you done good!" Notice the deck, notice the walk."

Thank you very much.
Al Gerbino
Tank One Productions


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